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20 enero 2014

Proceso NSS2

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Revisando un sistema veo que hay un consumo de tiempo de un proceso que no conozco. Fácil de saber quien es el culpable 🙂

select name, description from v$bgprocess where name = 'NSS2'
|NSS2|Redo transport NSS2|

Es un proceso de DataGuard usado para la sincronización entre la base de datos primaria y la secundaria. En principio nada de lo que preocuparse


9 enero 2014

GV$ Function

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Estaba intentando usar V$DIAG_ALERT_EXT en un sistema RAC, pero sólo contiene información sobre la instancia actual y no existe una vista global. Esta función resuelve el problema 🙂


I really thought I’d blogged about this before, but it appears not!

First of all, this isn’t something I’ve worked out, I’m just recycling something that John Beresniewicz (who seems to be better known as JB) shared during one of his presentations at the UKOUG Conference 2011. This wasn’t a big part of the presentation, but it jumped out at me as a gem of knowledge that I was unlikely to get from anywhere else. In fact, as I recall, John described how he only became aware of the functionality as a result of discussing what he was working on, and the problem he had, to a member of the database server development team at Oracle.

That nicely brings me to the usual, and very important, point about Oracle functionality that isn’t documented: It is not supported (unless someone from Oracle tells you otherwise).

So, did you know that as…

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3 enero 2014

Essentials of Technical Diving – Vídeos

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Vídeo antiguo sobre Essentials of Technical Diving de Andrew Georgitsis

Hay alguno más que tengo que encontrar.
5th Dx (now UTD)
DIR Skills 1 – Trim – Frog Kick – Modified Frog Kick – Modified Flutter Kick – Backwards Kick – Helicopter Turn – Regulator Remote & Replace – Reg Exchange – Reg Recovery

DIR Skills 2 – Reg Recovery – Modified S Drill – Mask Remove – S Drill –

DIR Skills 3 – Doubles Valve Drill – 1 Min Ascent – SMB Deployment

DIR Skills 4 – Toxin Diver Rescue – Stage Switch – Stage Stow

Más modernos son los de Rivemar:

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